This week a new UK World Moo Duk Kwan Facebook page was launched. This is to run alongside the current UK Soo Bahk Do Facebook group. The new page will deliver news of forthcoming events, videos and photos to a larger audience and help further promote UK Soo Bahk Do. M...

Head of UK Soo Bahk Do Federation, Master Hedges SBN visits Rainfords Soo Bahk Do academy.

We are very pleased to announce Master Hedges Sa Bom Nim is to instruct our class 

this Tuesday (27th). We advise all students to do their best to attend. 

As Master Hedges is 7th Dan, he will be able to give us a deeper understanding of 

Soo Bahk Do. The class...

"Philosophy influences the mind, the mind forms intent, intent inspires action" -Kwan Jang Nim, H.C. Hwang