Great class by Hedges SBN.

Hedges SBN comes to Rainford UK Soo Bahk Do Academy

Master Hedges SBN, Head of the UK Soo Bahk Do Federation, visited our class on Tuesday. We were very pleased with the turnout. Also instructors and some members of Skelmersdale Soo Bahk Do were present.

We covered the importance of hip movement, sparring combinations, and Il Soo Shik (one step sparring) and ending with jumping side snap kick. There was a good energy and atmosphere, which was enjoyed by everyone including Master Hedges.

#TangSoDo #WorldMooDukKwan #StHelensFamilyMartialArts #UKSooBahkDoMDKFederation #UKSooBahkDo #StHelensKarate #RainfordKarate #StHelensTangSoDo

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