UK Soo Bahk Do June Grading 2019.

UK Soo Bahk Do Grading.

Today was the UK Soo Bahk Do North West region grading.

A big congratulations to all our students that took part. We were very happy with everyones performance. All the weeks of hard work and dedication paid off.

When we started our club, our vision was not to be the largest with the most members, but for all our members to practice Soo Bahk Do to the best of their ability. And above all enjoy and be happy in what they are doing.

As our club is still in its infancy our members are all beginners, but as they progress the standard will obviously rise. We believe that getting a good foundation in the basics is vital to provide a bedrock for future progress. So, stances, and having a good understanding of preparation before carrying out a move is far more important than how high or fast you can kick. Today we think our students displayed all of what we are aiming to achieve...

Also, congratulations to our own Mr. Tarplee for proctoring the guep grading section. This is a very difficult and stressful thing to carry out.

Well done all!

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