New video sneak peek!

Rainford Karate Martial arts  UK soo bahk do

Heres a sneak peek of a new video , starring Katy performing basic form 1 with a hologram of grand master H C Hwang.

Good examples of Control and concentration in class on Thursday whilst carrying out kicking drills and developing your understanding of basic form 1. Well done! All levels of learners in pairs were stretching out their kicks towards each other to create muscle memory and retreating quickly back into a good stance to avoid their opponent's approaching kick. We were especially impressed during your work in pairs with your control as the pace increased, not allowing yourselves to lose concentration or technique. Good concentration also shows respect to your training partner and our Academy. Keep up the excellent work! Soo Bahk!

#UKSooBahkDo #RainfordKarate #StHelensKarate #SooBahkDobasicform1

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